Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turns out my 4th great-grandparents Lewis Mecham Sr and his wife Lydia Knight Mecham nee Wells are both buried in our local cemetery here in Provo. I didn't know Lewis served a mission with his brother Moses to 2 native tribes. (I attend a native ward.) [Seems on Great-grandfather Parley King's line there were many relatives who worked with indigenous people. Such as Culbert King who served with the Kanosh, and William King who served in Hawai'i and then escorted Hawaiians to Iosepa in Tooele where he later served as the 2nd mission president for a year before he passed away of an untimely infection.]
You can read more about Culbert in this awesome link I found.]
His wife is interesting to me. She was born in Iroquois territory in a town that later practiced a communal utopian lifestyle. I think she was long gone by then, but I read the hsitory and it said that town was against slavery long before the Civil War, was a place where people helped with the Underground Railroad, and had Quakers (makes sense) and atheists.
They suffered the persecution of the early Saints being pushed around from place to place but were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple December 30, 1945. :) They had 14 children.

This is where the Mechams are buried in Provo. You can search for Provo City Cemetery relatives here.
His mother is buried out in Heber!
I am going to pay them a visit and then in the spring go visit the grave of my 5th great-greandmother, Parmelia.

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