Sunday, October 13, 2013

St.Saviour's Children's home

My daughter and I just listened to her interview with her Grandmother Alison. She talked about being sent to the Children's Home when she was around 7. Her brothers Les, and Russel were also there but she said when Les turned 5 he was sent far away to another orphanage in Timaru. She said that in the children's section their bathtubs were on pedestals and there were little ladders for the kids to climb up to get in so that the people bathing them did not have to bend over.
We did a google search and found this information which is exactly what she said.

Church orphanages

  • St Saviour’s Home was an Anglican home in Stapletons Road, Shirley, now the site of the Churchill Complex. The home catered for girls of all ages, and for boys aged between 2 and 5. Boys under 2 were catered for at the Babies' Home, Sumner. After 5, they went to the Timaru Boys' Home. For further information, see the Sun, 12 November 1927. The Anglican Diocese of Christchurch holds records of children at all three institutions. Access to the material is restricted and its release is in conjunction with the Director of Anglican Care.
Here's more on St. Savior's after the earthquake. " But one building didn’t fare so well. The historic chapel at Christchurch’s Churchill Courts aged care complex was hastily deconsecrated yesterday as a demolition crew waited to tear down its busted and dangerously unstable walls. The chapel had been a locus for faith and worship for more than 100 years. In the beginning, it was built to serve St Saviour’s orphanage. The orphanage has long gone, but the chapel found a new life when the Churchill Courts complex was built around it."

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