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Emma Soares nee Luaehu and Louisa/Eloise Mii Range
My older sister passed along some genealogy work she had been doing. Included was the Application for Certificate of Hawaiian birth by our great-grandmother Kamaka Luaehu Kim's sister Emma Luaehu Soares.
Very interesting!
In the application we learn that Emma was hanai by the Paakua's until they passed, then she went back to her parents- Annie Poole and John (Pauahi) Luaehu.
I didn't knbow they were baptized Catholic! Huelo Catholic Church- record of her baptsim is in St. Anthony's church. (Is this how she met Antone J Soares later? More than likely a portuguese name, and they generally were Catholic.)
Also interesting is she states there were 14 total children.
She doesn't know all their names. Asked for her siblings she states- Katherine Wilhelm, Emma, Victoria, and Joseph Lyons. (Emma being herself? Is this just miscommunication?)
Asked about who passed she says- Kalei, Mary, and Martha.
Who is Kalei?

I can see that my sister must have updated all of this in Family Search years ago.
I added addtional information gained from the application, such as appearance, race (on the application she is listed as being Hawaiian-English. Her witness Malaikini says that her mother [Annie] looked half white and Hawaiian. Father Hawaiian. And Emma says her mother was Hawaiian English and father pure Hawaiian.
From the genealogy, this is most likely true. (We are stuck on Annie Poole's paternal line. Stuck meaning I need more corroborating information. I have posted on this blog about the Poole line quite extensively.)
But what's interesting is that when she married Antone J Soares in Pāhoa, she eventually moved to Panaewa Street in Hilo, where our kaikua'ana and kaikunāne  live now. Her addres in 1948- 60 Panaewa Street Hilo, Hawaii
Cool. We have Maui Luaehu-Pauahi-Mii family on Hawai'i island most likely as she had 4 children. (I can find no obituary or record for them. 2 girls- Flora born in Waipio, Huelo, Maui in 1912, Elizabeth born in Pāhoa in 1913, and 2 boys-  both born in Pāhoa- Louis 1914, Richard 1916.

Another mystery is about her witness (she had 2) Malaikini Naniho who says she is his sister-in-law. In vital statistic records his wife (who is not named in the application testimony) is Louisa Mii Range or Eloise Mii Range. Malaikini is listed by last names Naniho and Ho'opi'i in vital statistic records.
Was she hanai by John and Annie because there is no one by that name that I know of in their biological children.
However Mii IS a family name. John's mother was a Mii.
AND in the 1910 Census, we do see Emma living with Malaikini and Louisa! So there is a connection. What is it?
Maybe my dad would know.
In a forum on I found this
y: Maydoria Malaikini (ID *****0105)Date: March 23, 2004 at 14:55:21
 of 1157 

I just recently found out that part of my family aren't right and I just wanted to find out more info..My Gr.Grandmothers name was "Eloise Mii Range". but according to my grand. aunt. her last name is supposed to be "Range Muller". her dad Is Guastave or Agustave Range Muller/Meuller/Mueller not sure of the spelling..but he is from Germany..he married a Louise Bench not sure of were she is from..If you have any Infor. Please respond..Mahalo! May

So I responded and also emailed the emaila ddress provided.
I hope this mystery is resolved.

Actually, I did a search for Eloise Mii Range in on the Find side of Family Tree (not SEARCH vital stats side) and it looks like she is the COUSIN of Emma (and our great grandmother Kamaka/Martha). Either they were raised together, hanai, or it's just misunderstanding when talking to non-Hawaiians and trying to explian family relations. They are same generation. According to Family Tree in Eloise/Louisa was the daughter of August Range and Mary Keahi Ka'ana'ana Kala'aula Pauahi Luaehu who was John Pauahi's sister.

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