Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wainiha Nu'uhiwa

Wainiha is an area on Kaua'i.
My Nu'uhiwa people are from that area. (My paternal great-grandmother Esther Kameakaulana Nu'uhiwa was the daughter of Kia'aina Nu'uhiwa- her mother was a keale from Ni'ihau).

Today I read about Reverand David Nu'uhiwa. He was my great-great-great grandfather, and the first Hawaiian Assistant Minister at the Wai'oli Mission to Abner Wilcox/ Here's some information about him.

(To my family if you use the control + f and get the search box on the above link- type in Nuuhiwa and you will go to the section on him.)

His son Simeona Kia'aina Nu'uhiwa was born in Hanalei.
I found this newspaper article in The Garden Isle, Tuesday, Sept 11, 1917 about him losing his land due to back taxes and fees.

This caused me to research the Hui Ku'ai 'Aina o Wainiha. I found this chapter written by haole Reverand John  M. Lydgate .

I always read all sources with a grain of salt. My ancestor was said to have been given an ill fitting broadcloth suit to sway him... Here's my recap of what was said.

This chaper also tells abt Kekauonohi who acquired Waihina in the Mahele borrowing 10 grand fr to outfit a schooner Manuokekai to sail to China w/sandalwood. Didin't come back....he then decided to sell his lands in Wainiha (where our Kia'aina Nu'uhiwa was) to make up the debt he owed. 71 families took it on- getting advances fr the plantation and scrimping...Dividing it up was described as a process of who was most intimidating- Kanaka-nui being mentioned as one of those who bullied their way to the best .ended in various ways...

Very interesting the part about 65 Menehune being counted in the Census at La'au.  During the time of Kaumuali'i his konohiki counted 65 menehune in La'au, Kaua'i during the census. (My tutu told me several times the same story of her and her sister riding the horse to school and seeing menehune working on it who ran away. very interesting.) 
The bit about the Manuokekai could be the basis of a move or a play. I wonder what happened to it- did the captain make his way to China, sell the good, then tae off with his Hawaiian crew? Or did it sink at sea in a storm?

Apparently the Hui in Wainiha was still around according to this Kuokoa artcile dated August 13, 1925 describing a meeting of the Hui.
Wainiha now is a million dollar homes area.Initially, the members of the Hui did not know how they would make any money on the land, though those who held onto it later would realize the water was one way...Now it's all about location, location, location.

Here is some about Kia'aina also dancing at George Mossman's village. Meant to preserve Hawaiian culture, because it was not sponsored by the state or local governments, it also was for tourists, having that element of objectification.


  1. I see there is more informationon Nuuhiwa and his parents Opunui at the Mission House Museum.

    I need to visit there one day.

  2. few days ago working on my Aunty Mary Kaleoki Nu'uhiwa. then-Padekan relative emailed me to take a look theirline- they have Opunui. WE have OPUNUI too. Not sure if it's the same. Nu'uhiwa side.brought me to this wonderful oral history by Marie Puanani Gomes Olsen- I recognize the name since I've been working her mom's vital stats- hahaha- people just want to be found- in it she gives us the story behind her mother's name- when the ppl praying for rain on Ni'ihau. fishing Kaho'olawe- Obake Bay for where the Japanese fishers make. The ko'a markers to line the boats up so they no broke on the rocks....genealogy & the families who lived Makena, Maui in Kanaio- Burns, Erdman, Lu'uwai, Change, Fernandez, Makua, Kuamo'o, Kenolio, Carter...