Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking at my Mom's side of the family. My grandmother is a King, and I found this website of a distant relative with some narratives and pictures.

It's interesting that in Culbert King's bio that it talks about him serving amongst the Kanosh (round about Cedar City). He became the bishop there and baptized 85 members of the tribe. (Interesting to me since I attend a native ward.)  There is also the story of his mother Matilda King singing a song in the native language of the area when some native men came into Cove Creek up in Fillmore. I am not to find of the lyrics as I see them as very reflective of the time and how the white LDS settlers viewed native people.

I decided to poke around BYU's missionary journals see if I could find anything of Culbert's. (I did find William King's mislabeled diary when I went in person there- misfiled under one of his wife's names. That was a great day. I was reading through the diary when I realized that 'she' could not have been administering in the priesthood duties...William King was brought to my attention by my mother's brother- Dale Bowers who served decades in the church genealogy department and helped develop the interface for indexing. He let me know about the book King's of the Kingdom since I research Iosepa- a Native Hawaiian Colony. William King served as a missionary in Hawai'i and brought Hawaiians up to Iosepa located in Tooele, Utah. He served as Mission President there for a year because he died suddenly.)

I found this entry- most likely of LDS men who were jailed for polygamy.

What's interesting is also named on this page is John Bowers (I have a great-great-great grandfather on my Grandpa Wes Bower's side named this), and Henry Dinwoodey (possible relation to our ancestor Charlotte Dinwoodey- the great-great grandmother of my granmother Nathele Bowers nee King).

I also see a Hugh Gowan there- possible relation of a Korean friend of mine hanai/adopted as a child by the Utah Gowans.

Here is a link to Charlotte Dinwoodey Hall Lee Cooney (last three names are from her marriages).
Can't find much on her 1st kane William Hall. Not sure if they had children. We come of the Lee line (she married him in 1849 in St. Louis, Missouri. He passed. Then in Salt Lake she married a soldier stationed at Fort Hall- where she is buried with their son Charles (Jr.)

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