Saturday, October 27, 2012

Poole Line Checklist

Between the two posts I've done on the Poole line these are the things I am trying to work out:

Who was Thomas C W Poole's first wife? Did they have children? (I could also look for the people of his second wife Rebecca Pihe.) My sister thought it was Ann Aylett(e)/Alyett- but I am not so certain that Francis Thomas Poole and T C W Poole are one and the same.
What about the second husband of Thomas' sister Annie Poole? Is he the same Pilipo who married a Makasilasila?
I should look for Beke under Peke, and Benjamin E. Poole under last name Pua as he is listed on this marriage record for his son Thomas.

Here is the 1910 Census with Tom and Lepeka, taken 27 April 1910 in Honolulu. They've been married for a year, She is listed as having had 1 child with 0 living. Is that for this marriage? Both are listed as having been married twice. She is Hawaiian, and he is Caucasian Hawaiian, with Dad born in England. ? My tutukane always said he was English, the record I found has a Benjamin Poole coming via the US.

Here's Annie Aylett Poole divorcing Thomas Poole for nonsupport in Honolulu in 1907.;words=Aylett+Poole?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=Hawaii&date2=1922&proxtext=Aylett+%2B+Pool&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=2

Seemed this started much earlier- maybe a separation initially or just a divorce proceeding never completed? Here we have the "F" listed in front of Thomas' name.;words=Aylett+Poole?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=Hawaii&date2=1922&proxtext=Aylett+%2B+Pool&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=3

Annie Aylett Poole in 1901 is described as Hawaiian. She became the treasurer of the Kapiolani Maternity Home (which besides being supported by Kapiolani's heir Prince Kawananakoa was also supported by our KSBE's C.R. Bishop Trust. He was a good man.);words=Aylett+Poole?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=Hawaii&date2=1922&proxtext=Aylett+%2B+Pool&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=1

Here's another article about the Kapiolani Maternity home mentioning Annie Aylett Poole. I wonder if she met with the officers of the Home who were the princes of our Hawaiian people.;words=Aylett+Poole?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=Hawaii&date2=1922&proxtext=Aylett+%2B+Pool&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=0

Tom Poole is the Royalist who when chased/fired upon shot a member of the Citizens Guard, part of the fake Republic of Hawaii (a bunch of rich foreign businessmen who overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom using threat of military, then kept rule via corruption). The man he shot was Charles Carter, the descendant of missionaries, a lawyer, and an aide to Sanford B. Dole.;words=Pool+Tom?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=Hawaii&date2=1922&proxtext=Tom+Poole&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=9

Here is Thomas Poole getting called for jury duty.;words=Thomas+Poole+F?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=Hawaii&date2=1922&proxtext=F.+Thomas+Poole&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=0


  1. Hi Minkki!

    I may be able to help you with the Poole line if you haven't already... My name is Sarah Kauilani Folsom... I am the decendant of Elizabeth Annie Poole and John Luaehu. They did have 7 children which include my great great-grandmother Martha Luaehu.



  2. We are descended from the same woman. I am thru Martha's son Moses. Who are you descended through?