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My great- grandmother- Martha Kamaka Luaehu, was the daughter of John Luaehu Pauahi and Annie Elizabeth Poole. Her maternal grandparents were Benjamin E. Poole and grandmother was Beke, (according to information listed in the church pedigree database).
I think this is Benjamin's naturalization record that I found on Ulukau. (There is also a *William Poole listed. A relative?)

Whoever put him into the church database listed his father as Benjamin Pool. Notice different spelling on the last name....
The problem with this information in the church database is that no source was listed. Also, I have found that people will find the same name in a vital stat record, assume it is their relative, use the information- but it is the corresponding information (like relations, vital stat records which corroborate family stories) that help us know for sure that is our ancestral line.
The information listed in the church database looks like someone found the matching name and then input the vital stat information- so when I find the same records I could say, AHA! Found it. When actually, the vital stat info CAME fr that record  and I need more evidence.

This naturalization record is part of that evidence needed to build a picture and when used with other information, build a trustworthy link to an ancestral line.

My sister is the one who initially told me in fact our grandfather was a small bit English. Maybe haole is a better word- being more general, since we just know Benjamin E. Poole came via the USA. I'd grown up thinking my tutukane was half Hawaiian and half Korean. Even though he said he was English. He didn't look English to me. hahahaha. But 1/8 English is sometimes hard to see, as is my 1/8 Korean. My take on ancestry is the same as Isaiah's take on the House of Israel- if you are just a little part- you are still part- those are still your people. We don't exist without every single direct ancestor in our family tree.

I'd also heard a mean story that his family had tried to change their birth certificates to 'not' be thought of as Hawaiian, since in that era, there was a social hierarchy, and native, as in other places where the indigenous population was supplanted, was on the bottom. I'd heard they looked down on their Hawaiian ancestry I had never heard a reliable source corroborate this. But still when my tutukane used to say he was English I used to wonder if it was going along with that.

But when my sister said he was indeed part haole, I knew he was just telling the simple truth.

I did not find him in the Citizenship- Denization and Citizenship- Passports section.

I did find him in the First Circuit Court Divorces Index for 1851-1908. I don't understand the entry below the first. Was he petitioning to remarry Beke or someone else? I assumed this before.

And I believe this is him in the Deaths- Second Circuit- Probate Records. Really would like to see the original of this.See about heirs, etc. Then I would know if Beke were still living if they did in fact remarry.)

(How to read the records: The Hawaii State Archives holdings for Second Circuit Court Probate case files are organized in two numerical sequences. The first sequence begins with case 1 and ends with 1761. The second sequence begins with case A1 and ends with A149. Probate case files have been microfilmed and cataloged as MFL 55, available in the Hawaii State Archives Microform Research Room.
To look at a probate, please note MFL 55 and the probate number preceding the name of the individual you are researching.
For more information about Probate Case Files of the Second Circuit Court, please refer to the Inventory of Records of the Judiciary located in the Hawaii State Archives Research Room.)

*Here is a William Pool (notice the last name spelled differently) listed in the Letters of Denization from 1846-1898. His date matches the year of naturalization listed above.

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  1. This is around the time I saw Benjamin E Poole come into Hawai'i.

    I see another Ann Poole who is the mother of one Poole Jones born 1862....? interesting. Family?
    Then these Pooles are from New Jersey, which someone listed Benjamin E Poole as being born in. BUT the problem is- why did they assume that- just because of the same name?
    I am going to order Family History microfilm 1009964 Ship Manifests to Hawaii 1843-1851; 1852 (Jan-Feb arrivals) Maybe it will tell me nothing more than the naturalization record I have an image of above.