Friday, February 24, 2012

Research Log- Luaehu & Poole lines

So again at the Rootstech Conference this month they talked about using a blog to log your genealogy research.
I do use a google spreadsheet to log, but will post something here.
I am looking at my Luaehu people. My great grandmother Martha Kamaka Luaehu had a sister Victoria.
One of her kane was a man by the name of Henry Bissen. I found this link on him.
As noted above, in new.familysearch they do list another wife Lilia Ka'eha Pa'akaula, and my Aunty Victoria also had another husband, Robert Kaholokula. Their marriage license is shown here.
Anyway, new.familysearch lists an incredible amount of children by both Victoria's husbands (8 with Henry and 12 with Robert) so I am trying to authenticate what's that through vital stat records.

On another interesting note, Martha Kamaka Luaehu's mother Anna/ Anne Elizabeth Poole was remarried after her first Luaehu marriage! I never knew that.
Someone on new.familysearch did enter it into the church database- (I'll have to contact them).
I found this on the 1910 Makawao, Maui census. She was listed as being 55 years. Philip Nawai Kaiwi was listed as being 39. (I guess there is still hope for me. hahahaha, Men my age don't tend to like me. But younger men do. hahahahaha)

They'd been married 4 years, and her children, his step- Kamaka (my great grandmother), Maehue (spelled Maihui here), Joseph were with them, as well as her grandchildren Thomas Bissen, and Luaehu Bissen.

Plus a 1/2 German school teacher boarder Mary Miller, James Naniho who is listed as being 8 mos old, and Puhi, a 90-year-old man....On the same street was her daughter Mary Taua, her husband Lei, their sons Benjamin and Lei, and daughter Catherine.

The baby in their household may have belonged to another household on their street. Here's page 1

Well, 8 hours later, I have made some more discoveries.
Someone out there was aware of Anne's 2nd marriage to Philip Kaiwi.

And, I also found an entry for a Pilipo Kaiwi listed as the father of a child Malie Kahaunaele. (Here's another link with only Malie and Young Whan Lee.) Is this Pilipo the same man? The marriage of his daughter was in Maui where our Philip is from and Anne lived. His daughter was born in 1901, and our Philip married Anne around 1904 according to the 1910 Census.
Malie's mother is listed as Sarah Makahilasila, perhaps a misspelling of Makahilahila And I found more information on this Sarah here. On this page apparently taken from the Cole Jensen collection, the father could be surnamed Pilipo or Kahaunaele- the latter being the surname for the daughter on the marriage record.
I found a Josephine Malia Pilipo, daughter of Sarah Makahilahila and Pilipo on new.familysearch. Pilipo the father is listed as being born in 1874 on Maui, and marrying Sarah on 1899 at Ulaino, Maui.
This was the source info:
Source type: Other, Media type: Microfilm, Repository name: Family History Library, Repository address: 35 N West Temple Street, Repository city: Salt Lake City, Repository state: UT, Repository country: USA, Repository postal code: 84150, Call number: 1396286, Event date: , Sheet number: 005, Reference number: 1396286, Batch number: F864077, Serial number: 00056, Time period: ?-?, Contributor: jpilipo229364, Contributor of repository: FCH
If the last name is Pilipo (and of course, not really having surnames until the European descent settlers came- it's understandable if they used different family names) - could this Malie Pilipo of Honolulu be a relative?

If I could find a birth record for Philip and Malie (the daughter listed on the marriage record) that would help. I did find a Kaiwi born in 1871 (same date as my great great gma's 2nd husband)  listed in new.familysearch as the son of father Kaiwi born in 1843 and mother Hoopauai born in 1847, but there is no source listed.

I'm also interested in finding a death record for Anne nee Poole/ Luaehu/ Kaiwi. Haven't found it yet.

I did uncombine 4 records in NFS that had been integrated with her brother Thomas C W Poole. (He was born in Hawai'i, and those were of someone born, marrying, and having children with someone in England).
He shows up on this 1920 Kahului, Wailuku, Maui Census with a grand-nephew(the son of Victoria & Henry Bissen) William Bissen.
Thomas is a 66-year-old Hawaiian widow. His Caucasian Hawaiian grand-nephew is 21 and a Foreman of a locomotive. They looked to be living in a predominantly Japanese neighborhood.

I found this marriage record for Thomas- his dad is listed as Benj E "Pua" instead of Poole, and mother "Peke" same as Beke or Rebecca. It says his marriage status is divorced, so I will have to look for his first wife.

On the 1910 Census in Honolulu City taken April 27, 1910, we see that this marriage was the 2nd for both of them, and that his wife had had a child but it passed. Also, noted is that it says Thomas' father was born in England.

Here is what I believe to be the death record for Benjamin E Poole. his film number is ML 55 505.

On the Pedigrre Resource File which is now searchable in 2012, I saw my sister submitted whom would be the 1st wife of Thomas Poole
I have looked in vain on FS for vital stat records, and had it pull up in but since I am not a subscriber- I'll have to wait until I go into the FHC tomorrow.

Here it shows a petition for divorce between Annie Aylett Poole and Thomas Poole (Francis Thomas Poole). hmmm....and above that is a petition for Thomas' father Benjamin to remarry his mother Beke....interesting.

And here is a link which I think has the naturalization date for Ben E Poole out of the US (vs England...?)

His death I assume

Some acreage to T C W Poole

I also found these records whom might be a relative of Annie Aylett's:

An this one, a hundred years later:

And this one-

I noticed some Pooles on this line- the mother coming from California, having given birth to the baby in Hawai'i...interesting. They are in the area our Poole 'ohana were living in on Maui so maybe some extended family? The only other person listed as married in the same household is the Portuguese man Richards listed after the baby. He came from the Azores. (Our Kau'ai Portuguese family is from the Azores, as are most Portuguese immigrants to Hawai'i during this era.) The mother is listed as E. L. Poole and the son as C. P. Poole. The next year there is a child Elvira born- the father lsited as E. L. Poole and the mother Luria...?


  1. Hello Minkki, I'm Steve Bissen and I'm a direct descendant of Henry Bissen and Victoria Kaleialoha Luaehu. My grandfather, William Bissen, was their son. I have much information and noticed some inaccuracies. For instance, there were 2 Victoria Luaehu's - Victoria Kaleialoha and Victoria Maehui. V. Kaleialoha Luaehu married Henry Bissen and V. Maehui Luaehu married Robert Kekukaupio Kaholokula. Any way, I'd be glad to share what I have. Contact me at

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  3. Mahalo, for clarifying! So William born in 1898 to Victoria and Henry is your tutukane?

    I am interested in Victoria because her daughter Martha Bissen was hanai by my great grandmother Martha Kamaka Luaehu, the elder sister of Victoria). I met Kaleialoha and Henry's daughter Martha when I was a small child at a Kim family reunion. My father made a point of introducing her.
    It would make sense that the two Victoria's are not one in the same, though many of our extended family members have conflated the two. I was not sure mainly due to the large number of children Victoria would have had if they were and trying to track down documentation of the kids to verify.

    Birth dates alone seem to suggest they were not the same- since V. Kaleialoha's marriage record; in 1879 says she was 18 at the time so born around 1961, and the latter Victoria's marriage record in 1915 lists her as being 20 years old so born around 1895. Kaleialoha was already having children by 1898 so...
    it is interesting that on the latter Victoria Luaehu's marriage record the parents are listed as Luaehu and Annie...?...(who is this Victoria? A sibling's child or a much younger sister of Kaleialoha? Maehui/Maehue is a family name I see show up for my great grandmother...?...)
    Definitely, let's collaborate!!! :)

  4. That's right - William born Christmas Day 1898 was my tutukane. Unfortunately, I never got to meet him. He died in 1957, 5 years before I was born. Would you know of any one who would have pictures of Kaleialoha? I have one picture of Henry and a few pictures of William but none of my great tutuwahine, Kalei. Regarding Kalei's marriage record - Annie is Anne Elizabeth Poole or Elizabeth Anne Poole and Luaehu is John Liona Luaehu. The John Luaehu and Anne Poole had at least 7 children (that I know of), Martha Kamaka was their 5th, V. Kaleialoha was their 2nd, V. Maehui was their 6th child.

  5. Hello,
    I'm researching WWII soldiers in the 102nd Infantry Division that were killed in action. Henry G Bissen , from the 407th Infantry, Company C is listed. Kahului is listed as his hometown.
    Just wondering if anyone in this group is related to him.
    Thank you.
    Dave C