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Alvah Beeman, Sally Burtts, Daughters & Husbands

This is from my maternal grandmother's line.
[mdn before stands for maiden name; names after that are married surnames, #ed if more than one marriage]

 Me---> My Mother ---> Grandmother mdn King 1.Bowers----> Lottie Ethel mdn Noble 1. King 2. Crandall ----> Benjamin Noble---> Mary mdn Beeman 1.Noble---> Alvah Beeman and Sally Burtts

Mary Beeman married Joseph Bates Noble who is pretty well known in LDS church history. Among other things he was the bishop and bodyguard of Joseph Smith. He also was the first sealer at the Nauvoo Temple and married Joseph Smith Jr to J Bates Noble sister in law- Louise or Louisa Beeman, J. Smith's first plural wife.
When Joseph Smith was in Liberty jail, J Bates visited him numerous times. He was given Joseph Smith's sword when Joseph Smith was on his way to Carthage. J Bates Noble had asked Brother Joseph Smith if he could stand in for him or accompany him. The house now titled The Lucy Mack Smith House (Lucy mack was Joseph Smith's mother) was once titled The Joseph Bates Noble House. He built it and gave it to her.
My log is often shorthand because I research so often, so much, & so many different lines that when I blog abt ancestors I mainly do it to collate resources and relations

Here is what I posted on my relatives FB walls (btw- I make many important genealogy finds by collaborating, contacting people via FB).

My posting to Grandma Bowers: 
Larry Maddock a distant cousin of ours up in SLC posted pics here of Joseph Bates Noble. And I read on another post of his that Joseph's father-in-law Alvah helped hide the golden plates at one point. Not sure about that. but reading more.

me: This link has more on Alvah Beaman and then his daughter Mary (our line) wife of Joseph Bates Noble and Louis who married Joseph Smith and then after he passed and she lived with her sister Maty and Joseph Bates and they came West in thje Jedediah Grant company, Brigham Young.
says my Cousin: Joseph Bates Noble was a bishop in Nauvoo and on April 5, 1841 he sealed his sister-in-law Louise Beaman to Joseph Smith as the first official recorded plural wife.
Yes, I loved reading about him in a book Grama Bowers has written by another close descendant...That Beaman/Behman line is pretty interesting too. Alvah was neighbors with Oliver's siblings when lived in Grovelan, NY. Well to do. though worked at divining with the Smiths. His girls were all very educated. I guess they found good matches- Artemisa married Erastus Snow, Louisa married two prophets, and Mary had our Joseph Bates. I guess if people were members in that era- pretty closely connected at some point since the church was much smaller....I'm trying to see what there is on Alva's wife- Sally Burtts.
Me: Here's Alvah and sally's daughter & J. Bates wife Mary
My father was born Permolberry, Massachusetts, May 22, A.D., 1775. My mother wa
s born Hartford, Connecticut, June 17, A.D., 1775. My father and mother were married August 18, A.D. 1796. My eldest Brother Isaac M. Beman was born December 27, A.D. 1797. My oldest sister, Betsy B. Beman, was born M...

I'm very happy I found the above link to Mary's journal autobiography since we need to hear more stories of the sisters for goodness sake!
What's also neat is that Alvah met and had Parley P. Pratt (poet behind many of our cherished hymns, Church Leader, missionary) over at his home. Parley P. Pratt is a direct ancestor of a sweet friend in my ward. Here's my posting about that:
 Discovered CB's kupuna/ancestor Parley P. Pratt (missionary, poet, leader) visited our kupuna Alvah Beeman while Joseph Smith was over. (Alvah worked w/h
im as a rodsman). Alvah's daughter Louisa married Joseph (our other kupuna Joseph Bates Noble performed the sealing- J. Bates' wife was Louisa's sister). After Joseph was murdered & Louisa moved West w/our line (her sister Mary and Joseph Bates Noble- if you ever go back and see the Luck Mack Smith home- actually that placard used to read Joseph Bates Noble home- he built it and gave it to Joseph's mother) Louisa remarried brother Brigham. They all were good friends, as makes sense back in the day when the church was small, and we had to stick together....Poor thing, Louisa. her two sets of twins died as babies. Good thing we absolutely believe the family can be eternal and in the next life we will raise little ones lost in this one.

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